Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 15 June

Another storm front associated with an upper level trough just passed over south east Queensland this morning. These troughs aren’t shown on the surface pressure weather charts. The Bureau meteorologists commented in May on the ABC how unusual storms are for this time of year, but that they are not associated with the La Nina event which brought a wetter summer early this year. My own rainfall records at Wellington Point show that we have had over 900 mm so far this year till the end of May. That’s about 1/3 more than the 100 year average measured at Ormiston close to me. My records also show a trend to June being wetter on average, although that requires about 30 years of data to confirm and I only have 17 years so far!! 

Well this week is about to bring a mix of days again. There is more rain, and maybe a storm, coming as a cold front passes over us on Thursday. Then winds are likely to strengthen and turn to the west during Thursday to Saturday, dropping minimum temperatures to 9C or colder. Later in the week southerly winds should spin off another east coast low forming again off southern New South Wales, bringing milder temperatures and some cloud back.  

So from Friday onwards should be good for being out and about.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

Source: and Bureau of Meteorology