Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 1 June

Some strong southerly winds were predicted last weekend and they didn’t eventuate over the land, even over Moreton Bay. This can be caused by a number of factors. One is the high surface roughness of the land, slowing the wind close to the ground. As well, if the atmosphere is more stable (i.e. less vertical motion and mixing of parcels of air), then the air close to the ground remains cooler and denser, making it harder to move. A land breeze forming or cold air falling from mountainous areas around the Gold Coast, that occurs in the early morning, can slow the development of any sea breeze effect that might help drive southerly winds more on-shore.  

Well, this coming week is looking mixed. We will see a trough line move across the Queensland from west to east with a large high pressure system to the south. This should bring the possibility of a shower or two on Thursday. Winds should pick up on Friday with a south-westerly blowing, followed by some cooler mornings and southerly winds again. Temperatures should be pretty similar to last week, with minimums around 11C and maximums around 23C.

See ya next week.
Trev The Weatherman

 Source: and Bureau of Meteorology