Stop the bombing of Gaza now!

Stop the bombing of Gaza now!

“Israelis know that most of the dead in the attacks on Gaza are children, among them many babies. To describe those who killed them as mere boys and children is to separate them from those other children, the ones without names, the ones one does not recognize. While Palestinian male children are described as young men when they die, Israeli soldiers remain boys when they kill.”Excerpt From: Haim Bresheeth-Žabner. “An Army like No Other: How the Israel Defense Forces Made a Nation.”

Also when Israelis die as a result of rocket attacks by Hamas, the Zionist spin machine refer to them as women and men. What they do not say is that they are soldiers in the IDF.

The Israeli army faked that it was going into Gaza hoping that Palestinian fighters would go into the tunnels. The plan seemed to be then for Israeli bombardment to be unleashed to collapse the tunnels. The Israelis are fearful because Hamas has short range missiles to defend against a ground attack. The loss of life in the Israeli army would be considerable.

Retired British Army colonel Richard Kemp says in his entire military career he’s never known of such an “extraordinary” surprise attack triggered by “deception” like the Israelis conducted in Gaza by duping the world. On Friday the Israel Defence Forces sent out a tweet which said air and ground troops were “currently attacking in the Gaza Strip”. This what the Colonel said:

“The tank engines were noisy with dust being kicked up, the world media picked that up and Hamas, of course, picked it up as well. “It was then thought there was going to be an immediate invasion of Gaza, and, of course, hundreds of Hamas terrorists (sic) then went into this, what’s called a metro tunnel network, an underground tunnel network they’ve dug since 2014 which contains weapons, contains command and control facilities, and shelter for the terrorists (sic). “The IDF then attacked those tunnels with 160 aircraft which dropped … bunker-buster bombs and destroyed large parts of the tunnels. “When some of the terrorists (sic) came out, they then got hit as well from their air.”

Retired British Army colonel Richard Kemp on YouTube

However the IDF that has not engaged in a battle of armies since the ‘war of atonement‘ in 1974 and they were defeated in Southern Lebanon in 2006. There is a real possibility that Israel may suffer setbacks on the ground if their tanks have to confront mortar and short range missiles so they keep out of Gaza and bomb civilians for the air, just as the American have always done.

Israel has been prepared to cause enormous civilian causalities in Gaza. Hamas does not surround themselves with civilians. This is one of the most densely populated places in the world with the people caged by border fences and an Israeli army blockade and siege so graphically illustrated by the Great March of Return.

Hamas short range missile – the QASSAM – A

We post this background on the Palestinian struggle by Mazin Qumsiyeh:

Human Rights in Palestine

1)  Palestine was colonized and replaced by a colonial settler state called“Israel”. The ideas was simply to take a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural,multi-religious country and transform it to a “Jewish state”. The core of this project (Zionism) is ethnic cleansing which started under British Rule(to fulfil the illegal Balfour declaration) and continued and accelerated under more direct Zionism control and continues today in places like Shaikh Jarrah in Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine (inside and outside the so-called green line). That is why we have 7.5 million Palestinian refugees and displaced people and 530 villages and towns wiped out.

2)  International law is very clear: Palestinian Refugees have a right to return to their homes and lands, Israeli colonial settlements built since1967 including in Jerusalem are illegal, and Israel has engaged inprocesses that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity

3) Israel has never been a democracy. It is an apartheid racist regime thateven after expelling most Palestinians, have instituted 65 laws that discriminate against the remaining 1.5 million native Palestinians (who became a minority of 20% of the population). Yet Israel also is the power that rules over the lives of 4.7 million more Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza who are not given Israeli citizenship and they are subject to hundreds of military orders that serve as racist laws. For example the denial of entry to our own city of Jerusalem even for religious reasons to visit the holy sites.

4) Zionist propaganda is easy to refute with logical explanations based on facts (and the three principles above). For example, it is easy to answer the nonsense like Israel is defending itself and using wrong analogies like what if Mexico shoots rockets into the US, what should be the response?

Answer: wrong analogy: If someone comes and shoots your brother, points a gun at your head and tells you to get out of your house and they claim their religion tells them to do so. Then you are pushed down the street and they besiege you and stop you from getting food and medicine and test new guns on you every few years then you decide to throw a stone towards your old house so they take an RPG and level your new house, do you call this”self-defense” or “disproportionate response”?

al Nakba in Meanjin 2021

Who is then the terrorist?

Anyway international law is clear on this point: colonized/occupied people have a right (and even duty) of resistance. Anyway colonization is itself violence: ask native Americans and Blacks in South Africa or any other country that went through the experience. Colonization kills 10 native civilians for every 1 colonizer (in Palestine as in South Africa under apartheid). The answer is simple, end apartheid ends the violence (exhibit A: South Africa).

5) No colonial – anti-colonial struggle has ever ended in a “two-state solution”. It is fictional and the TALK about it from the time that Ben Gurion proposed it over 100 years ago is merely (as Ben Gurion himself stated on more than one occasion) intended for PR efforts (he even cited colonial treaties with native Americans which could be broken after consolidating powers).  

Colonial-Native struggles end in one of three scenarios: a) Algerian model (nearly 2 million killed, 1 million colonizers and their descendants left the country), b) genocide of natives (USA,Australia), c) coexistence in one country of descendants of colonizers and of native people (the rest of the world >140 countries).

There is no fourth scenario. Palestine will not be an exception. It is the last struggle and prolonged only because of the resourcefulness and wealth of Zionists and the weakness of their victims with the collusion of corrupt Arab leaders and western governments beholden to special interest lobbies. This explains Israel’s impunity from international law.

6) If we want a roadmap to real sustainable peace (not pacification), allwe have to do is insist that we implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has all the needed elements (no discrimination, rights pofrefugees to return etc).

7) Thus it is clear that people around this planet need to have joint struggle (including via a push for boycotts, divestment and sanctions) just like we did with South Africa to end the Israeli regime of apartheid and implement human rights.

You can add resources here like reports and statements from Human RightsWatch, Amnesty International, B’Tselem etc

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) DirectorPalestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine