Nakba Rally in Meanjin supports the Palestinian uprising

“Israelis know that most of the dead in the attacks on Gaza are children, among them many babies. To describe those who killed them as mere boys and children is to separate them from those other children, the ones without names, the ones one does not recognize. While Palestinian male children are described as young men when they die, Israeli soldiers remain boys when they kill.” – Excerpt From: Haim Bresheeth-Žabner. “An Army like No Other: How the Israel Defense Forces Made a Nation.”

Also when Israelis soldiers die as a result of rocket attacks by Hamas, the Zionist spin machine refer to them as women and men as if they are civilians.

One of the largest pro-Palestinian rallies held in Meanjin (Brisbane) came out in solidarity with the uprising in Palestine against Israel’s 70 year occupation. As the uprising enters its 5th day, a crowd of over 2,000 heard speakers from Justice for Palestine and the Islamic community condemning attacks by Israeli forces on civilians in the occupied territories and Gaza. Hundreds are feared dead in Gaza and on the West Bank. Staunch resistance to these attacks has come from towns like Lydd, the Naqab, Haifa, Umm al Fahem and Nazareth, and many other towns like Nablus, Hebron all affected by the military occupation after the Nakba.

Palestinian dabke exponent, Sameer Ellagta, asked the rally how many Palestinians were present. The Palestinian community were intending to celebrate Eid but attended the rally instead. There was a big show of hands.

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Over 2000 people turn out in Meanjin (Brisbane) in support of the intifada in Palestine

Aboriginal grandson, Sam Watson, gave a welcome to country telling the crowd how much first nations people understand the pain of the Palestinian people. He said “our struggles are more connected than it is believed”. Rhonda Kelly spoke for Labor Friends of Palestine . She said there are close parallels with settler colonialism that affects aboriginal people and Palestinians. Rhonda spoke about the stolen children and shamed the Labor Party government for increasing child incarceration. Ms Kelly said that we do not have a memorial to the frontier wars but they are setting up a holocaust museum.

A call Free Free Palestine came up from the crowd.

A Palestinian from the West Bank rang into the rally.

Phil Monsour speaking for Justice for Palestine emphasised the need to support Palestinians in their struggle for the ‘right to return’. Monsour spoke in in favour of Boycotts Divestments and Sanction against Israel citing Puma as a prime target because of its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association. Also the Qld Minister of Sport supports Queensland Maroons having a new, six-year apparel partnership with global sportswear brand, PUMA. Both government and the Qld Rugby League have erred in their de facto support of the Israeli government’s genocide of the Palestinian people. They ought wash their hands of Netanyahu and his criminal gang. But they won’t, instead the Labor government supports Israel’s Elbit Systems showcasing their deadly wares at the convention centre in South Brisbane during the Land Forces Expo 1-3 June 2021.

Below is some video at the commencement of the rally, held up at police request. A march of well over 2,000 marched through city streets thanks to a JFP organiser’s day in court resisting police attempts to have the march banned.

Ian Curr
17 May 2021

Disappearing Palestine

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