Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 11 May

Well I said a couple of weeks ago that weather patterns often repeat (not precisely) over about 2 week periods. Last night we just had another storm with more predicted today as another trough line with a very unstable air mass moves over south east Queensland. That’s similar to what happen last week at around the same time of week. And the ABCs weatherman said last night that these storms and their severity are unusually for this time of year – I strongly agree. But it is unfortunately in line with what climate change science tells us. A 1 degree Celsius average temperature rise can increase atmospheric moisture by 7 percent. That increase in moisture has embodied in it a lot of extra energy to create havoc via intense storms.

The South Brisbane Storms Facebook page has another good explanation of what is causing these storms and the likely severity of them. (20+) South Brisbane Storms | Facebook   They state that “when the atmosphere’s becoming increasingly unstable ahead of systems like these, storms can occur at any time of day or night”. 

Well the next 7 days are again a real mixed bag. The first couple of days have the highest instability and therefore chance of storms and rain. After that, winds are predicted to be strong south westerlies on Thursday and Friday and then shifting to the south by the weekend and early next week. This should bring cooler weather with minimum temperatures dropping to 11 degree for Brisbane.  Most days should see mild maximums of around 22 to 26 degrees. So the best days for getting out and about look like being Friday through to Sunday.

See ya next week.
Trev The Weatherman

Source: and Bureau of Meteorology