Do we own the land, or does it own us?

Poem: “My Cry is Lost in a Name” Propelled in giving me damned names They gave me unknowing roots White with jewels of nakedness Sights-silenced then demanded to catch shadows travelling aware in innocence But as mixed up in trickery of my free roots I found myself sucked by seed I felt dressed in native … Continue reading Do we own the land, or does it own us?

The End of History

International Relations - Assange, Manning & Snowden - the greatest research assistants of our time! We publish Humphrey McQueen's comments on an unnamed article by David Martin Jones in the Institute of Public Affairs review. The IPA is a right-wing think tank that has been around since the 1940s. Humphrey McQueen (standing far right) at … Continue reading The End of History

The future of Workers BushTelegraph?

Hello Readers, Workers BushTelegraph (WBT) has run from 2011-2020. It was briefly in recess in 2016. WBT has tried to address three topics: Who owns the land? (property question), Or perhaps the land owns us?Worker control of production (industrial question) and Who governs? (political question). Pointing the boneHas WBT served its purpose? Are the articles … Continue reading The future of Workers BushTelegraph?