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Do we own the land, or does it own us?

Poem: “My Cry is Lost in a Name” Propelled in giving me damned names They gave me unknowing roots White with jewels of nakedness Sights-silenced then demanded to catch shadows travelling aware in innocence But as mixed up in trickery … Continue reading


The End of History

As much as I sympathise with David Martin Jones’s disparagement of the touchy-feely International Relations around academe, I could not ignore that  he repeats all the errors about Fukuyama that infect every shade of opinion. How is it that so … Continue reading


The future of Workers BushTelegraph?

Hello Readers, Workers BushTelegraph (WBT) has run from 2011-2020. It was briefly in recess in 2016. WBT has tried to address three topics: Who owns the land? (property question), Or perhaps the land owns us? Worker control of production (industrial … Continue reading