Mayor calls for Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Brisbane

‘Area D’ in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, is where the
original site for the cultural centre was proposed.

Schrinner renews calls for Indigenous cultural centre

Brisbane’s lord mayor says the city needs an Indigenous cultural centre to properly recognise its heritage and history.

Adrian Schrinner spoke on the topic at a Committee for Brisbane event on Wednesday, where he outlined the “state of the city” and his vision for the future.

Asked if he had any thoughts on the council’s efforts to recognise and engage with Brisbane’s Indigenous history, Cr Schrinner said he had recently written to Arts Minister Leeanne Enoch to ask for an update on the proposed cultural centre.

In October last year, the state government indicated it was investigating the idea of a major cultural centre for the city.

In June, Ms Enoch said $2 million over two years had been allocated to exploring the development of a First Nations Cultural Centre in Brisbane.

“Over the last decade, the government has helped to build a First Nations art sector across the state through the landmark Backing Indigenous Arts initiative, and this new centre will provide more opportunities for storytelling and sharing knowledge,” she said at the time.

The idea for such a centre has been raised for years, with Musgrave Park in South Brisbane floated as an ideal location as far back as 2011.

Cr Schrinner said Brisbane also needed to improve its experiences and education opportunities for visitors and residents to learn about Indigenous culture.

“It is so critical, it’s something we’ve been considering as part of the Victoria Park vision, that is something that our city needs to do so much better in,”Cr Schrinner said.

“When people come here, whether they’re people from other parts of south-east Queensland or people from overseas, they genuinely are seeking an Indigenous experience.

“They want to learn about Indigenous culture, there’s a massive untapped demand for this, and so we can do so much better in making sure there are opportunities for people to experience Indigenous culture.”

Lucy Stone
from Brisbane Times
25 Sept 2019

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