From the grass roots

John Pitt 22nd of October 1977 who went on to save Terania Creek

The person being arrested with a smile is John Pitt who later fought against logging in Terania Creek in the 1980s along with others. They were successful with Neville Wran declaring Terania Creek a National park long before ‘Save the Franklin Dam’ became a cause celebre.

John used to stay at a share house in West End but always slept outside under a blanket (even in winter). He would ride his bicycle from Brisbane to Terania Creek, climb up trees to prevent loggers from felling the forest.

The photo was shot by Jennifer Fay Gow on 22 October 1977 where 418 people were arrested for their opposition to uranium mining and export. Many years later it was discovered that there was a spike in cancers as a direct result of atmospheric nuclear testing.

The rally was organised jointly by the Civil Liberties Co-ordinating Committee and the Anti-Uranium Mobilisation Committee.

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