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You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee

Paradigm Shift

This is a story of how a retired electrical trades worker a retired meat worker and a homeless person helped bring down one of the most powerful people in the Queensland Government. That person is Peter Carne, the Public Trustee of Queensland, who controlled billions of dollars in assets of ordinary workers and some private trusts. Carne was the boss of 600 public servants across the state and was characterized in the public press as representing the old guard of the Labour Party. However, he is actually a reformer embracing government flirtation with neoliberalism and privatisation.

Listen at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift

During the show a person from the Department of Justice doing an audit on the fees charged by the Public Trustee requested that people who have been ripped off by the Public Trustee come forward. Please let us know if you have been a victim of mismanagement by the Qld Public…

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