Book Launch: ‘Adventures with Agitators’ by Paul Richards

Adventures with Agitators is a tribute to the resilience, determination, patience and tolerance of the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders of Queensland. In a series of short yarns about their battles in the justice and political systems, this book exposes the cruelty and hypocrisy of the ruling elite of Australia in pursuing policies of … Continue reading Book Launch: ‘Adventures with Agitators’ by Paul Richards

Why I don’t like Eurovision

Although only a small protest both outside and inside, it had a big impact. There was a national news report on SBS, a Guardian article and about at least 4 other articles that had a couple of BDS paragraphs about the event and the winner. SBS should pull out of Eurovision 2019 in Israel. Prior to my being escorted out of the venue at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, members of the audience at Eurovision 'Australia decides' pulled down this banner on three occasion, on each occasion yelling out this is not the appropriate place. One guy waved his Australian flag in my face.