Rosa lives!

One hundred years ago this January, Rosa Luxemburg, revolutionary activist, essayist, intellectual, and leading figure of the Communist Party of Germany was assassinated. In the years since, her legacy has influenced revolutionary activists and thinkers around the world.

In honour of this special occasion, unite hosted a one day series of workshops on the life and legacy of Rosa Luxemburg. All levels of political experience were evident in the discussion.

Introducing Rosa – Her Life and Times with Harrison O’Carroll. Rosa Luxemburg is know as a poster figure in the socialist revolution. But few know about her theoretical contribution to Marxism. Her most important works were on Revolution vs reform and Accumulation of Capital.

Reform or Revolution in the Age of Crisis with Nicole Laffoley, Lucinda Donovan, Julia Hocken and Anni McAllen. Interesting discussion when applying Rosa’s analysis to the Australian Greens and the Refugee movement!

This was an excellent panel discussion about revolution vs reform. A woman in the audience from Malta raised doubts about women’s liberation coming about under socialism.

The Accumulation of Capital: Rosa Luxemburg and Marxist Political Economy with Dave Eden. Dave gave a thorough account of this important work.

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rosa lives
Rosa Luxembourg speaking on the podium in the early 1900s

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