Voices of Resistance

***Media Release***
This is to let you know that Guniwaya Ngigu [We Fight], is to be screened nationally on NITV on 4th February at 7:30pm. The film was made by the Black Film Unit and is about the 1982 protests at the Commonwealth Games. After nearly 40 years this is the first time this landmark documentary has received any exposure on Australian TV or anywhere really. The screening of this film was made possible by the efforts of Peter Gray from Radical Times archive.

I did an interview yesterday with the director of the film, Madeline McGrady, see https://soundcloud.com/ian-curr/sets/guniwaya-ngigu-we-fight-a-film
Please contact iancurr@bigpond.com if you wish to download a copy.

You are welcome to use parts or all of the interview but please credit ‘Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at noon’.

The Black Film Unit was involved with three key productions during the active period of its existence: (1). “Welcome To Wee Waa – In Memory Of Eddie Murray” (1981/2) Unreleased (2). “We Fight” (“Guniwaya Ngigu”) (1982/3) Very limited release (3). “Fight For Your Rights – In Memory Of Cheeky McIntosh” (1982/3) Unreleased

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