Invasion Day 2019

For First Nations people, January 26th 1788 marked the start of genocide, dispossession, displacement, and oppression.

January 26th is not a day to celebrate a country built on these atrocities. It’s not a day to embrace white nationalism or colonialism. January 26th is a day to protest!

Invasion Day 2007 – Stop Black Deaths in Custody

Join First Nations People in Meanjin and around the continent in our fight for justice and rights.

Details of the Rally and March are to be advised.

Invasion Day 2018

This event will be held on the lands of the Jagera, Yuggera, Yuggerapul and Turrbul people. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded, this land was never ceded, and it always was, and always will be Aboriginal Land.

Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance


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