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War of two Worlds

Paradigm Shift

Who said all is lost, I come to offer my heart –Fito Páez

12pm Fri 28 Dec 2018: War of two worlds.

War of Two Worlds” is about similarity between indigenous struggles in Chile, West Papua and Australia. This Paradigm Shift was about colonized people (mainly Mapuche & West Papuan) and their resistance, at least that is my aim. I mention in my introduction that I prepared the show because of recent (and ongoing) extra-judicial killings of Mapuche activists in the South of Chile. I make no mention of Palestine but Sam Watson did mention it at the rally for the Mapuche on 1 Dec 2018. Of course where do we begin in a topic as big as colonisation? Vietnam? Algeria? The Great Plains of North America? The list is very long.

Whether my coverage of the response to the killings in Chile & West Papua is…

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‘Betrayal’ in Algiers

‘No, but I like him even less as a foe.‘ – French Paratrooper commander in Algeria, Colonel Phillippe Mathieu on Sartre There is another Algiers and a different Casbah than that depicted in John Cromwell’s ‘Algiers’. The ‘real’ Casbah was … Continue reading


Bejam Denis Walker


Assange, product of the anti-war movement?

VID INTERVIEW – Ciaron O’Reilly 30th Day “24/7 Solidarity with Julian Assange Vigil” outside Ecuadorian embassy London.



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I had plans to save the planet but they got washed down a stormwater drain it’s all too big, it’s all too hard dropped my guard, and i missed the last train compass needle spinning now i’m lost inside my … Continue reading


The Far Left in Australia since 1945

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Aussie progressives choose long hard roads Seventy years of Left activism in Australia Far Left In Australia Since 1945, editors Jon Piccini, Evan Smith and Matthew Worley, Routledge, London and New York, 2019.  Book review by Bernie Dowling THIS book, … Continue reading


Climbing Mt Glorious

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My climbing partner says not many people climb Mt Glorious. So on my 68th birthday we began the ascent from Jolly’s Lookout. The BOM had predicted a 38 degree Celsius day so we began at 8 am. On previous ascents … Continue reading


From My Lai to Helmand Province

We publish Base Culture – this land is Helmand by Lyle Jeremy Rubin, a former US Marine. The article that appeared first in n+1 magazine. We do so to compare the US military involvement in Vietnam to its current war … Continue reading



My bond. I will have my bond.– Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, Act 3, sc. 3. Holidays are coming up – a time to venture into the new and the demanding. On this summer morning, we’re plunging into the global … Continue reading


Vale Jon Baird

Jon Baird was a fighter. He came out of the Democratic Rights movement in the late 1970s. Jon was a student activist at Griffith University in the anti-uranium movement and the right to march campaign (1977-79). Like thousands of others, … Continue reading

Defending Democratic Space

Please sign the petition to stop ‘Proposed demolition of The University of Queensland Union Complex’ @

Paradigm Shift

We we so much older then, we are younger than that now – Bob Dylan

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.39.17 am.png

Craig Shona & Ian 14 Dec 2018

Ian interviews Jeff Rickert about saving UQ Union Complex
Jack interviews David Lennon about 4ZZZ eviction from UQ

Followed by a discussion of changes faced by 4ZZZ in the future.

We commemorate 30 years since 4ZZZ were evicted from our studios at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. Discussing the lead up to the 1988 eviction and the impact the fall out had on the station in the years to come.

Saving UQ Union complex. Historian Jeff Rickertt  talks about the campaign to save the UQ Union complex and it means for the future.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-17-at-2.25.36-pm UQ Union Complex 1965


The Saints – Stranded

Sabrina Lawrie – Nopiates

The Who – Wont be Fooled Again

Siena Larsson – Collateral Damage
Notes by Ian

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No Principle in East Timor Oil

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 “I am recommending a pragmatic rather than a principled stand but this is what national interest and foreign policy is all about …” – cable from Richard Woolcott to Gough Whitlam in 1975 when Indonesia invaded East Timor. Anniversary of … Continue reading


Saving UQ Union complex

The 4ZZZ event held yesterday at the Schonell to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the station’s eviction from UQ was a success. The panel was excellent and the contributions from audience members, many of whom had been associated with Zed … Continue reading


Tales of corrupt times past

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Queensland political activist relives the 1970-80s Book Review: Iraqi Icicle and The Second Father WITH the current surge of audiobooks here are two unlikely bedfellows in popular writing. Both books are set in Brisbane during the bad years of the Bjelke-Petersen … Continue reading


Mandela: long walk to freedom

Recently I visited an exhibition at Melbourne’s Museum of the struggle against apartheid through the eyes of Nelson Mandela. For those that can’t see the exhibit see below for some of the images I saw. Contrary to the slogan ‘Victory … Continue reading


4ZZZ remembers eviction from University

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Steven Stockwell explained how he became involved in the station. Even though still a school student he was struck by the harsh racist policies of the Queensland Government used repeated baton charges by Queensland police against anti-apartheid activists at the Tower Mill motel in July 1971. In 1973, as a young journalism student, Stockwell joined a media committee of the University of Queensland Student Union. It was this committee set up by Jim Beatson that helped steer the union support for an fm radio licence. In December 1975 radio station 4ZZ in 1975 went to air (another Z was added later). Continue reading

4ZZZ Eviction

Paradigm Shift

Shona, Craig and Ian on Paradigm Shift 14 Dec 2018 – Anniversary of 4ZZZ eviction from the University of Qld. Jack interviews Dave Lennon and Ian interviews Jeff Rickertt.

14 Dec 1988,
On this day the right wing University of Qld Student Unions attempted to evict 4ZZZ from its studios under the Refectory.

At 4.17am executive members of the UQ Student Council and four security guards served immediate eviction notice on graveyard announcers Mark Solway and Stefan Armbruster.

4ZZZ had been taken off air.

The president of the UQ Student Union, Victoria Brazil, supported by the Queensland Government were attempting to foreclose on radio 4ZZZ from its premises at the University.  Over 1,000 listeners and supporters turned up to defend the station.

Annastacia Palaszczuk speaking in support of 4ZZZ, UQ Union Complex, 1989. Photo by Michael Aird, Image courtesy State Library of Queensland

Within hours 4ZZZ announcers were making emergency…

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Facing the Adani mine with a bang not a whimper


The proposal for Indian mining company Adani’s Carmichael mega-coal mine in Central Queensland were approved in July 2014. Few Australians before then could have pointed to the Galilee Basin on a map, but before long the Carmichael mine had become a divisive talking point.

For those on the side of industry, the mine was a bonanza of wealth and jobs – figures like $300 billion and 10,000 jobs were thrown around at one point (only to be later revealed as wildly optimistic) – as well as the potential for a whole new frontier of remote country opened up to the mining industry. Other mining companies with exploration leases in the region queued up behind the Indian company.

For those concerned about the impacts of climate change, the mine was a carbon bomb – several billion tonnes of coal to be burned in a world that had agreed at Paris Climate…

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Vale Robert Wharton

Paradigm Shift

Every time an aboriginal person dies years before he or she should I think that this is, in part, a result of the brutal invasion of this continent. Robert Janjimdaimjan Wharton was born in 1979 and passed away before his 40th birthday. He is a descendant of Mardigan and Kooma tribes in South-West Queensland and was a proud Brisbane Black.

Robert was a dreamer. He grew up in Cunnamulla in a big extended family. He appeared on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon) and played at a number of events organised by Sovereign Women United and local aboriginal groups. Robert always turned up at Dundali commemorations in January.

Dundali led the resistance to the British invasion of an area where Brisbane now stands. After a long campaign he was captured by the invaders and hanged in front of the Brisbane Post Office on January 5, 1855. We remember…

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Book Reviews: ‘Iraqi Icicle’ and ‘The Second Father’

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With the current surge of audiobooks here are two unlikely bedfellows in popular writing. Both books are set in Brisbane  during the bad years of the Bjelke-Petersen government. I know both the authors Bernie Dowling and Domenico Cacciola. We lived … Continue reading


Foco tonight

Foco Nuevo in DecemberFriday, 7th December, 2018NOTE EVEN NEWER STARTING TIME!!Doors Open 7.00 pm — Music starts 7.30 pm Kurilpa Hall174 Boundary Street, West End (map) The people have spoken! We had a very democratic decision taken by audience members … Continue reading


Save Mowbray Park

Brisbane is a river city but you wouldn’t know it from what Brisbane City Council is doing in East Brisbane. Council has been increasing private access to the Brisbane River and to a large part of Norman Creek near Mowbray … Continue reading


Assange – speed bump before extradition

By 22 November 2018 it had became apparent that my friend and fellow long time Australian antiwar activist and later 2006 founder of the world shaking WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, was under imminent threat of armed extraction from the Ecuadorian embassy … Continue reading


Roma – massacre in Mexico

Roma is a 2018 drama film written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Cuarón also produced, co-edited and photographed the film. It stars Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Marco Graf, Daniela Demesa, Enoc Leaño and Daniel Valtierra. Set in the early 1970s, the film is … Continue reading


Students and teachers unite against coal

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Thursday 29th November 2018 by Andy Paine It’s heating up in the schools and universities of Queensland, and not just because we’re set for another record-breaking summer of temperatures. 4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke with students and teachers who are … Continue reading


First nations – a ‘war between two worlds’

On 1 December 2018 in Brisbane activists, musicians and supporters conducted a solidarity action for first nations people of Chile, West Papua and Australia, protesting the assassination of Camilo Catrillanca by Chilean Jungle Commandoes on 14 November 2018. Lili Sanchez … Continue reading