Beyond War

Welcome to our friends and supporters at Beyond War. We promised to keep you up to date with our projects. We are so happy to have you onboard creating a just and peaceful world which acknowledges past wrongs and takes steps to set things right. Thank you. Salam. With your help, our partner organisations are … Continue reading Beyond War

“Independence struggles on our door-step”

Melanesian freedom movements readying for the referendums in New Caledonia and Bougainville, and the long fight for West Papua. The next meeting of the 17 Group will be held at 7 pm on Wednesday the 7th of November in unit 6 at 20 Drury St., West End. It will be addressed by Dr Lee Duffield … Continue reading “Independence struggles on our door-step”

Vale Ralph Summy

The long march through the institutions ... - Rudi Dutschke Ralph Summy has was a lecturer at the University of Queensland. In 1977, at the height of the Queensland Government's attack on Democratic Rights, Summy and others began an alternative magazine called Social Alternatives which provided a forum to oppose state violence of 3,000 arrests … Continue reading Vale Ralph Summy

Brexit Uprising

Gary MacLennan, originally from Omagh, gives this take on what's happening with UK politics, Irish border and Brexit. I first met Gary during the Queensland street marches campaign (1977-1979) and we have been involved in many struggles over the intervening 40 years: including Democratic, Aboriginal, and Palestinian rights campaigns. We haven’t always agreed on tactics … Continue reading Brexit Uprising