sosAddison Road Community Centre Honour Roll for Peace Opening Ceremony (Sydney).

We just came across this incredible image of our front gates in a book! The pillars you can see in the photo are where the Honour Roll is being mounted. The Save Our Sons movement pictured here held anti-conscription protests all throughout the Vietnam war, and are an inspiration for commemorating the role of peace heroes!

This Friday the 28th of October marks 100 years since Australia voted ‘No’ in a plebiscite on conscription.

Activities for the day include:

Antiwar and peace activists forum: 12pm-5pm (Gumbramurra Hall)
Unveiling of the Honour Roll for Peace: 6pm-7 pm (front entrance)
Pemulway exhibition: 7pm (Stirrup Gallery)
Denis Kevans Memorial Benefit Concert for the Agent Orange Justice Campaign: 7.30pm-10pm (Gumbramurra Hall)

More info on the Anti-Conscription Centenary Week can be found here:

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