Palestinian News


Magic Mike Does Upstart Nation 2

Magic Mike Does Upstart Nation 3

Magic Mike Does Upstart Nation 4

Magic Mike Does Upstart Nation 5


Rivlin to meet with spiritual leaders of all faiths, call to maintain calm at Temple Mount

Religious group stops investing in Israel-linked firms

Imitating a candidate, Ryan goes to Israel and calls BDS an anti-Semitic ‘shenanigan’

As threats against BDS grow, it is time for ‘sumoud’ in activist communities

Letter from an Arab to a pro-BDS Jew

BDS: Brazilian province cancels cooperation agreement with Israel’s Mekorot


IOF razes the only children’s garden of Za’atara

15-year-old Palestinian girl suffering harsh detention conditions

Israel ‘whitewashes’ investigation into killing of Palestinian teen, rights group says


Israel to raze house of spy Tarabin in Beersheba

IOF razes the only children’s garden of Za’atara

Israel refuses to give building permits, demolishes homes under constnruction, Bethlehem


IOF launches limited incursion into Gaza, razes lands

Israel bans entry of cement to Gaza, suspends projects worth $200m


In photos: Scavenging to live

United Arab Emirates funds mass wedding of Palestinians injured in Gaza wars


Israel asks Bulgaria to hand over body of Omar Nayef

The logic of murder in Israel: A culture of impunity in full view of the entire world

Netanyahu Admits having Ordered Air Strikes against Syria

The end of history at Israel’s state archives

Israel and Saudi covert ties


IOF carries out predawn arrest campaign


Palestinian journalist arrested by IOF at Yitzhar checkpoint


Hebron shooting demands IDF investigation

Records of Israeli arms sales during Rwandan genocide to remain sealed


Addameer: Detainees in PA jails exposed to torture by interrogators

NGO: PA forces mistreat 5 Palestinians in custody as court extends their detention

DFLP asks Hamdallah to be fair to Gaza in power crisis file

Abbas cuts PFLP allocations, Hamas condemns the decision

Hamas: Abbas’ suspension of PFLP funds is ‘political blackmail’

PLO cancels funds to DFLP faction, a day after targeting PFLP

Calls for investigation into $8bn stolen by Israel from Palestinian workers

The PLO factions and Mahmoud Abbas

Three Palestinians arrested smuggling statue of King Herod’s lover to Israel


PPS: Palestinian detainees assaulted by soldiers during detention

Since October 2015, 5,000 Palestinians arrested


Palestinian camp official killed in car bomb attack in Lebanon’s Sidon


Israel gives initial approval for construction of West Bank power plant

Electricity Blackout in Gaza: Power Station Shuts Down, Plunging Palestinians into Darkness

The Palestinian farmers battling border restrictions and lack of water


Palestinian Universities condemn Israel’s violations of right to Education in Al-Quds University



Against Balance: Thoughts on teaching Israel/Palestine


Israeli army closes road before Palestinians to ease traffic for settlers

Watchdog: Israeli approval for settler units more than doubles in 2016


As Palestinians head back to the UN, cause for concern in Israel


Senior Fatah official killed in Lebanon

Netanyahu Admits having Ordered Air Strikes against Syria

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