From Cuba tonight

A public meeting with Yexenia Calzado, visiting representative from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples
Wednesday April 6 6.30 pm
Qld Council of Unions
Level 2 16 Peel Street South Brisbane
Yexenia Calzado works in the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, the organisation that coordinates international solidarity with Cuba. She is based in the Asia and Pacific Division, in charge of solidarity work in the region, including directing the last two Southern Cross work/study brigades from Australia to Cuba.

Yexenia is in Brisbane as part of an Australian speaking tour being organised by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, meeting with unions, politicians and community organisations.

Yexenia is a specialist in International Relations and is well placed to discuss the recent developments in US-Cuba relations, and answer any questions you may have about Cuban politics, unions, and other aspects of Cuban life.

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