Stop the wars from which refugees have fled

This year Palm Sunday falls on the 13th anniversary of Shock and Awe the opening bombing campaign of Operation Iraqi Freedom!!! it has been anything but!


Our country along with the USA and UK was responsible for that war which has opened a pandora’s box of killing, maiming, devastation of housing and infrastructure and the dislocation of millions of people from their homes.

Please share this flyer widely and join us on Palm Sunday to call for peace and an end to the relentless drive of the military industry to foment war. For those people who have come to our country seeking refuge as a result of our participation- we say LET THEM STAY!

Just Peace Qld

One thought on “Stop the wars from which refugees have fled

  1. Accountability says:

    At long last there is a dawning recognition that Australia is responsible through its association with yankeeland for creating the refugee problem.
    The billions squandered on blowing things up in third world countries would be far better allocated to building hospitals, schools in the countries from which refugees come so that they don;t need to form human avalanches.When its all said and done, the only winners in this business are the despicable scum who profiteer from building bombs and rockets.

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