War Chronicle 23-February-2016

1. Yemeni Army & Houthis make important advances 2. Syria accepts US-Russia ceasefire plan, continues fight against terrorists 3. EU, Russia and China should Work Together to fight Western Hegemony 4. US and Russia keep announcing ultimately fruitless ceasefire efforts 5. Assad calls Syria parliamentary election for April 6. Turkey is screwed. And it’s all … Continue reading War Chronicle 23-February-2016

Shire Council fallout from the 2007 GFC

Shire councils have settled their class actions against rating agencies nine years after risky speculation in the American housing market. Their high risk investment is explained in this clip from the Hollywood film The Big Short. https://youtu.be/3hG4X5iTK8M The Queensland's publicly owned QIC used ratings agency Standard and Poors who were instrumental in giving AAA+ ratings … Continue reading Shire Council fallout from the 2007 GFC