Parliament protest against Qld Public Trustee 16/2/16

You cannot trust the public trusteeThe Committee to Expose the Public Trustee will be protesting against the Public Trustee outside Queensland Parliament House on Tuesday 16th February, between 9 and 11 am.

A small group will hold a banner, 3 m x 1m, saying “Stop Public Trustee bullying, neglect and profiteering” outside the fence of Parliament House.

The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee is a group of family, friends and carers of clients of the Public Trustee.

Spokespeople will be available for comment at the protest.

Spokesperson John Tracey said –

“We are calling on the state government to change disability and guardianship laws to provide basic protections of human rights because at present there are none. We are also calling on the Qld government to begin a Commission of inquiry into the systematic denial of human rights and life opportunities by the Public Trustee.”

“Our banner says “Stop Public Trustee bullying, neglect and profiteering”.

“A very, very common practice of the Public Trustee is to move old and disabled people from the home that they own into nursing homes or boarding houses against their will and then selling the home to invest in Public Trustee financial products that ensure an income for the Public Trustee. This is just one common example of bullying, neglect and profiteering, but their are many others”

John Tracey 0407549746
Information about the committee can be found here –

– MEDIA RELEASE from The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee

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