Swim for the Reef


Dear Wello Pointers,

On behalf of everyone at EDO Qld I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for taking part in this year’s Swim for the Reef. Here is your well deserved Certificate of Achievement (for bravest swimmers)! Once again, we loved the photo and the narrative about the coral. Thank you so much for your superb efforts to support EDO Qld and our vital Reef work.

FINAL FUNDING 2016: Together we raised over $31,000 to protect the Reef. Amazing work teams!! Turtley Awesome flippered way ahead in the fundraising, raising an incredible $4,925!! Ten teams raised over $1,000. You all deserve a pat on the back.

Trevor Berrill & Ian Curr swim to Yerra-bin Island
The Wello Pointers: Trevor Berrill & Ian Curr swim to Yerra-bin island to raise money for the reef

FINAL SWIMMING 2016: The final figures are now in from regional teams. Together we swam 285 km or 5,700 laps, see our map. Competition was hot! The final winning team was the regional Burnett Loggerheads from Bundy who swam 40 km or an amazing 800 laps, to beat Wobbegongs in second place. Impressive work, Loggerheads.

NEXT YEAR 2017 are you up for it?? Like the pperovic.


Jo-Anne Bragg
Swimmer, Reef lover, CEO, Solicitor

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  1. The Wello Pointers Team are inviting you to be either a swimmer or supporter for the Environmental Defenders Office Qld’s (EDO Qld) fundraising effort called SWIM for the REEF.

    Details of the Swim Date and Time – The proposed date is Saturday 2 February, 2019, 8.30am at Wellington Point for a briefing and then swim

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