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First Dog on the Moon: Art imitates life on Guano Island

Who is Free speech champion Biff Bootface? Was Biff the press secretary for Fauntleroy Velveteen-Ballcup? Did Biff get privileged access to Nauru? Did Fauntleroy ‘do a Malcolm’ when Peter Dutton put his foot in it again? Who is the Leunig … Continue reading


What We Want!

We don’t want to take terrorism home with us. We don’t want anger in our backyard — Lionel Fogarty, poet & author It became clear yesterday that the killing of Shaun Coolwell by police on Brisbane’s southside on 2 October … Continue reading


This time, in November: ‘Boonie, our brother’

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Marchers pay a silent tribute to Daniel Yock A peaceful 4000 Daniel Yock’s brother Lionel Fogarty, left, speaking at the protest forum yesterday. Fears that violence would mar a day of Aboriginal protest evaporated when 4000 demonstrators marched silently through … Continue reading