Save Wharves at Kangaroo Point

For Jagera people, Kangaroo Point is most sacred 
because that is where we could first see 
the morning light (before colonisation)
                              - Kevin Vieritz (1958 - 2015)
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Sign in front of proposed development on north side of Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point

Today is the last day you can contest the plan for the development of Howard Smith Wharves – a major inner city Brisbane riverside development about to impact us. An easy cut and paste submission follows.
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The number of submissions is very important. It doesn’t matter if your submission is the same as, or a variation of, someone else’s.

Howard Smith Wharves hugs the Brisbane river under the Story Bridge from the City to Fortitude Valley and New Farm, linking the City and New Farm riverwalks. It’s a long, skinny, easily flooded, beautiful, prime piece of Council owned and controlled, inner city real estate, jammed between the river and steep cliffs. The Wharves will be accessible from Wilson Outlook and the Story Bridge from Bowen Terrace, New Farm by 2 lifts on the cliff face. Lets prioritise it as a precinct for mostly healthy, outdoor general public activity.

If you have concerns about maintaining publicly accessible parkland and a viable non-vehicular commuter network you might like to comment on the proposed development at Howard Smith Wharves below the Story Bridge.

Almost everyone agrees that revitalisation of this iconic site is a worthy goal, however this current scheme has many problems and shouldn’t be allowed to proceed. Already problematic is that Council has ceded the site to the developers on a 99 year lease. The Development Assessment process is possibly the last opportunity to ensure that the best solution goes forward.
Following are some comments you could share if you wish.
View the scheme at BCC Planning and Development-HSW Development
To comment follow link LODGE SUBMISSION at the page above.
Submissions are due by Friday 16.10.2015.
or at [accept terms and enter application number] A004162925

[On a separate but related issue, if you want to see change to current inner city Brisbane development laws, state government are currently holding meetings and taking submissions due next Friday ]

Following is a submission regarding Howard Smith Wharves which you can use in full or in part TODAY! :

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