Turkey: general strike calls

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“There is only one common call from all who are here,” said the president of union KESK, Lami Ozgen,

“They have massacred those who called for peace, who demanded peace now. This will not prevent us from struggling for peace and to stop the war!” Call for two day national stoppage supported by the Confederation of Progressive Labor Unions (DISK), 12 october 2015.

Melbourne for Kurds
Suspicion mounts

Grief turns to anger as Kurdish and Turkish activists say Saturday’s bombing in Ankara was a result of careless, even deliberate government policy.

General strike calls

“To honor our dead friends and to protest the fascist massacre, we are in mourning for three days and on strike on 12 and 13 October.”Protests: Ankara bombing – Thousands rally in capital as Turkish investigators seek to identify peace march bombers

International unions condemn massacre

A first hand story from MUA organiser

“The people are more determined than ever and the unions are more determined than ever.” – MUA National Secretary and International Transport Workers’ Federation Paddy Crumlin said the shameless attacks could not be forgiven.

“They must be fully, effectively – and transparently – investigated. That process must be open to international observers,” Crumlin said.

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Many believe President Erdogan and the ‘secret police’ are implicated!

Erdogan imposes Internet and Media censorship. New elections are soon.

Erdogan continues to attack the Kurds, particularly the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

In alliance the PKK and Democratic Freedom Party (HDP)won seats recently. Ocalan their leader is for peace and developing grass roots democracy, ecology and women’s rights.

‘The message is clear: it is not only in Kurdistan or in the country’s remote areas that your life is in danger if you protest the government. Opposing the AKP government and the state now means putting your life at risk no matter where you are.

Political context is important.

The Kurdish freedom struggle today

“The most effective opposition to the Islamic State killers has come from the revolutionary democratic wing of the Kurdish freedom movement. That is, from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), the defence forces of Rojava, the Kurdish-majority liberated territory in northern Syria.

The Rojava Revolution has attracted increasing interest and admiration around the world because of its unyielding resistance to the Islamic State and the heavy and unprecedented involvement of women in the fighting forces.

In Turkey the Democratic Freedom Party (HDP) and the outlawed PKK are struggling, in different conditions, for the same thing.

The great success of the HDP in the June 7, 2015 parliamentary elections was based on an appeal, not only to the downtrodden Kurdish population, but to all those across the country suffering oppression, discrimination and exploitation.

This pamphlet concentrates on the Kurdish struggle in Rojava and Turkey.

It aims to provide information and perspective on these tremendously important developments and, hopefully, furnish a basis for more active solidarity in Australia.

Kurdish freedom-389x560Rojava’s democratic, feminist revolution

Rally demands Turkey stop its war on the Kurds

Friday, September 18, 2015 The Melbourne against Turkey’s attacks.

On September 12, hundreds of people marched in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth against the Turkish state under president Recep Tayyip Erdogan waging war on the Kurdish people.

In the last month, severe clashes have taken place in many Kurdish cities, including Silopi, Lice, Şemdinli, Silvan, Yuksekova and Cizre, where civilians have been targeted by state forces. Tens of civilians, guerrillas and members of state security forces have died in the ensuing clashes.

Socialist Alliance’s Dave Holmes gave this speech at the Melbourne rally.

Now PM Turnbull are you going to lift the ban on the PKK?

“In the midst of this wave of violence, the [former] Abbott government did its bit for the war and conflict. On August 11 it relisted the PKK on the Australian list of terrorist organisations.

This is obviously a favour to the Turkish regime because the arguments on the national security website are pathetic. There is not one mention of the discrimination Kurds face in Turkey or the violence of the regime. The PKK is blamed for the failure of the peace process.

This ban should be overturned. Australia should call on Turkey to resume the settlement talks with the Kurds.”



#GeneralStrike Mourning for Ankara Massacre




International trade union movement condemned Ankara Massacre



A first-person account of the Ankara attack



Chris White
October 12, 2015

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