Community Arts Facilitation skillshares…

After attending the ETU campaign planning course – focus group – with brief media skillshare by Van Badham, I am excited! Now hoping to go to this:

who else?

Rhizome: The September Edition is a free Symposium of Community Arts and Cultural Development Facilitation Skills. It is open to participation by anyone involved in arts, cultural or community work, whether you are currently facilitating ‘development type’ outcomes or just interested in moving your work in this direction.
The event is open to both experienced and emerging practitioners interested in developing more arts, cultural and community development skills through their work. It’s important to note that the types of skills participants will learn and share are not only applicable to the external work we do with communities and groups, they are also relevant to and useful for the way we participate in teams, organisations and even within our friend and collaborator networks.
The event’s activities are designed to assist facilitators expand, build and strengthen their practice. This one day skill sharing and networking event encourages participants to share community arts and cultural development facilitation practices by inviting and inspiring innovation and learning from others, in an open space environment.
Participation is through completing a simple Application form which you can complete right up until the day before the event! (3 September 2015)

Objectives of the event

1. Share some of our production and organising skills and processes with participants
2. Strengthen and broaden community arts and cultural development networks, processes and practices
3. Support participants to build their professional profile and represent themselves
4. Provide an open space and appropriate process for skill sharing, networking and discussion about cultural strengths, social needs; and opportunities to work at projects, skills sets, collaborations and mentoring
5. Enable participants to share & develop project ideas
6. Support participants with professional resources.

Who should apply to attend?

Rhizome: The September Edition invites people who are currently using or who want to develop skills in project/event/workshop facilitation and/or project management related to COMMUNITY ARTS AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT work.
Participation is open to people who have this focus and who are currently working in:

  • community arts
  • community development
  • cultural development
  • event production
  • socially engaged artforms
  • arts advocacy
  • cultural and community engagement
  • enterprise facilitation
  • experiential education
  • community health
  • general arts practice, including artists, workshop facilitators, curators & managers

What you’ll get from participating

Participants will meet and learn about other individuals and organisations undertaking community arts and cultural development work in South East Queensland.
Rhizome: The September Edition aims to create opportunities for participants to share their own work, learn from the work of others and gain specific skills in representing their work, networking, collaborative project development and community arts and cultural development practice.
By attending, you can…
Meet like-minded creatives and future collaborators
Take time out to reflect on your work, practice and career
Grow your knowledge of the industry and Brisbane’s community arts and cultural development community
Identify opportunities for your own personal, professional and career development
Develop the skills required to improve your practice
Be inspired by, learn from and share your knowledge and experience with other Brisbane creatives

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