Wicked Pickets at Davies Park

Stall at West End Markets on Saturdays

Are you a weekend market shopper? If you’re going to Davies Park at West End this Saturday 13 June, look out for the activists running the Wicked Pickets stall and say hello. They have a petition and a couple of letters to pollies for you to sign.

Wicked Pickets is the advocacy group that campaigns against misogynist slogans on Wicked Campervans. Slogans like:

‘Fat Chicks are Harder to Kidnap’
‘I’d Like to Drown my Sorrows but my Wife won’t go Swimming’
‘She can’t Wrestle but you Should see her Box’

Wicked Pickets makes the link between violence against women and public vilification of women.

They want the Qld Government to act against the woman hating van slogans and outlaw public vilification.

So help them out, say hello at the West End market on Saturday and sign the letters or buy a badge.


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