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Discussion drowning refugees

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Parliament is a sideshow, any government that will call mothers ‘rorters’ and promote drowning at sea is discredited. Barnaby Joyce created a diversion to avoid any serious debate on the human crisis at our doorstep.
Aboriginal people made refugees in their own land. Continue reading


News from the Vanguard

Mumia Abu-Jamal feared dying in US prison http://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=192 South Korea not happy with US-Japanese agenda http://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=193 Student Loan debt http://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=194 NSW hurtles towards American style health system http://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=195 Contributed articles, comments and enquiries are welcome. Comradely regards, CPA (M-L) links … Continue reading