Rank and file worker in illegal detention

Union members call for his immediate release.
On 15 October 2014, at the order of the Public Guardian and Public Trustee, Ross You cannot trust the public trusteeTaylor was abducted from his family home at Sunnybank.

Those that took Ross have a motto: ‘Protecting the rights of vulnerable Queenslanders‘.

Ross Taylor was a meatworker and former member of the Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union (AMIEU). Ross worked hard to live in his own home where he had resided since 1978. His wife Ellen passed away in 2003 and an unscrupulous accountant defrauded Ross of his house.

The Public Trustee refused to take action to recover the property. Under the orders of Peter Carne, ALP associate of former Premiers, Goss, Beattie and Bligh, a Queen’s Counsel applied to the Supreme Court that no further action be taken against fraudsters who had stolen Ross’s life savings.

Ross Taylor had funded the West End Community Centre, AHIMSA house. As a result of fraud, the community centre came under the control of the Public Trustee who permitted the building to be sold for $970K when the aboriginal community through Sam Watson had offered market value of $2.5M. ·

We call upon workers and their unions to demand that the Attorney General, as minister responsible, order his immediate release.

 For further information contact
Bernie Neville – Ph (07) 3300 1405 or mob 0437 439 754 email: burnadot@optusnet.com.au
Website: https://queenslandpublictrusteeexposed.wordpress.com/

One thought on “Rank and file worker in illegal detention

  1. praxidice says:

    This is one of the most despicable of the numerous instances of malpractice committed by staff of the Public Trustee. The fact that if can occur with the knowledge (and most probably collusion) of a number of prominent politicians and a QC is an indictment of the political, legal and judicial systems. Might I suggest that the carers and other persons interested in this matter all individually email the new Attorney General Yvette D’ath (attn Vivien who is the adviser responsible for Public Trustee complaints) requesting an immediate investigation of the activities of the Public Trustee. I understand that over recent weeks there have been a number of victims and carers keeping the office of the Attorney General aware regarding Public Trustee matters and I expect that an ongoing avalanche of complaints will ensure this and other comparable matters are constantly brought to the attention of those responsible for the oversight of relevant authorities. When its all said and done, the reason why brutality like this has been conveniently ignored in the past is the apathy of the sheeple. Its therefore incumbent on everyone who actually cares to create so much noise that the perpetuators are finally brought to account for their actions.

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