Aborigines are here! fight for the block!

redfern eviction notice
Eviction Notice

aborigines are here! quite a simple but logical statement but according to the building firm, deicorp, all aborigines have been moved out of redfern.

this ridiculous statement was easily proven wrong some time ago but we now know that deicorp, in collusion with the corrupt ceo of the aboriginal housing company, mick mundine, wishes to construct commercial buildings over the needs of the aboriginal community for low-cost housing on the block for our elders and families. this action will clearly deny aborigines from being given safe and affordable accommodation on the area known as the block as was envisaged back in 1974 by the whitlam government.

thus bringing to fruition their original statement of no blacks in redfern. or at least on the block. and that is why the redfern aboriginal tent embassy remains there fighting for that low-cost housing for our community.

the attached s1 was handed into redfern police station about 4.30pm yesterday and sets out that isja will be holding a rally and march on saturday 21 march from the tent embassy to redfern park. we will begin at the embassy at 11am and around 12 noon we will leave the block and then march to redfern park. and the reason we are doing so is because deicorp are holding an event there in the park along with other commercial entities from the local chamber of commerce and others. deicorp is managing a commercial soiree and it is the belief of isja that we should be there as well. as is our right. it is perhaps time for a public reminder that our people are still here and whilst the gentrification of redfern continues unabated that presence is just not going to go anywhere else.

the deicorp event is named ‘dreaming beyond – colours of redfern’ and is an obvious attempt at a public relations exercise after their recent gaffe and their ongoing involvement to take over the block for their own commercial purposes. it seems that all colours are welcome in the deicorp world except black. redfern belongs to all but the block belongs to us and us alone.

on handing the s1 in at redfern the police, and especially a/inspector sam crisafulli, were extremely upset and stated that we are out to not only embarrass deicorp but to ‘high-jack’ their event. i assured him that this was not the case as they had the right to be in the park putting their corporate spin on matters redfern whilst equally we had the right to march to the park and put our views on what is being done to aborigines in redfern. he wanted a different day to march, a different location to end, etc. etc. he is upset by our attitude and harassed me that i always tell untruths about the police in general and commander freudenstein in particular.

if sam thinks that then i can only suggest to him that he/they take me to court. they have not done so since 1987.

let us show deicorp that we are here still and that we will continue to fight for what is ours – the block.

when: saturday, 21 march, 2015
where: assemble at the tent embassy at the block
time: 11am march to redfern park about 12 noon.


ray jackson


indigenous social justice association

prix des droits de l’homme de la republique francaise 2013 (french human rights medal 2013)

1303/200 pitt street, waterloo. 2017


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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

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