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  1. I’m honoured to have been asked back to DJ Musgrave Park / Jagera for another 26th January Invasion Day celebration of the survival and future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and country.

    When: 1pmish – after the 10.30am Rally at Parliament House and the 12.30pm March arrives at the park.

    Join in, it’s all free. It’ll be on – rain, hail or shine. Send any requests ASAP and I’ll do my best.

    Have you played ABC’s Queensland Election Vote Compass? Do it here before next Saturday’s election!

    Wishing you blazing good health and happy days. Looking forward to seeing you in 2015!

    Jane Grigg

  2. Yesterday in Brisbane a group of Indigenous activists staged a sit-in in the closed off section of south bank, protesting Australia Day.

    They were separated from the rest of the rally by a fence and a line of police. They refused to move, chanted “What’s today, Invasion Day” and destroyed an Australian Flag.
    January 26 is the day the First Fleet arrived and the occupation of this country began.

    It is not a day for celebration but a day for mourning.


  3. Use of barricades during Brisbane protest angers participant says:

    A Wiradjuri Gomeroi man involved in an Invasion Day protest in Brisbane says the use of barricades by police during their march through the city was a cause of offence.

    Ricky Pascoe says he believes barricades around the South Bank precinct were designed to keep protesters away from Australia Day events.

    Mr Pascoe says even though they had no intention of disrupting proceedings, they were made to feel excluded by allegedly not being able to access the precinct as they had been in previous years.
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    National Indigenous Radio News … http://nirs.org.au/NEWS/Use-of-barricades-during-Brisbane-protest-angers-participant

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