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Anderson advises – initiate trade sanctions & boycott

another post from ghillar michael anderson on the urgent need to push our well justified claim to our sovereignty within our own many nations. we applaud his complete understanding that we aboriginal people are still living under the colonialist yoke … Continue reading


Cloudland Collective get together Thursday 27 Nov

The next Cloudland Collective get together will review the G20 organising efforts and discuss the upcoming Qld election and ABC cuts. Meeting details: 7pm Thursday 27 November The Burrow 37 Mollision St, West End All welcome. For more details phone … Continue reading

All Cops are Bastards

[Broadcast on 4zzz fm 102.1 at 12 noon]

Andy talks about the use of police during G20 and the $400M it cost. It is the ten year anniversary of the killing of Mulrunji Domadgee by then Snr Sgt (now inspector) Chris Hurley in the Palm Island watchouse.

G20 – media coverage of police actions false – Brisbane Times claims lack of numbers of protestors proves policing was successful. Fourteen (14) arrests, mostly homeless people who were arrested for obstructing police. 14 exclusion notices handed out. Andy was given an exclusion notice because he had a banner larger than 2 m by 1 m. Wayne was given an exclusion notice for having a PA system. Ciaron O’Reilly was excluded for being a prohibited person wanting to give Barrack Obama a message about Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

Louisa was going to the People’s March – a cop ran up to Louisa sayng that she was carrying some illegal items. Louisa was carrying slime .. it was part of street theatre. The cops saw Louisa and her friends dressed up and claimed that they were prostitutes carrying illegal items. Police women patted down the women but not the men. So they were given an exclusion notice. Louisa claimed that Brisbane does not have a history of resistance.

Real role of police — to control dissent — a sign that could be seen by G20 delegates. Limits on freedom, civil liberties and right to move. The city was empty. The $400M budget stopped the non-existent terrorist attacks and controlled dissent keeping protesters away from the delegates.

Policewoman in charge of G20 security, Katarina Carroll:

We had some people on the rooftops doing marksmen duty recording 63 degrees and this gives an idea of the repressive conditions.

Police shooting people – too many instances
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody – 4 aboriginal people died in custody in the past for four weeks. Celica Dhu died in custody as a result of being incarcerated for unpaid fines. Ms Dhu repeatedly complained about being sick … police ignored her … and she died in custody.

Mulrunji Domadgee … Lex Wotton speaks at People’s Rally … implores people to do more than marching, get into the yarning circle, occupy Musgrave park, elders to bring the young people in, pass on the struggles that you have gone through. G20 economic summit is not in our favour but we can change things …. speaking to at least 1,000 police.

Listen at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift/2014-11-21

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