Free National Media Database

Hello Friends

After chats with some media specialists, we’ve decided to develop a national media database for grassroots groups that cannot afford paid media services. And follow that up with media training sessions. The draft database is being designed at present but groups will at least be able to search media contacts by combinations of:

  • State and Region
  • Medium – print, radio, blog, TV etc
  • Audiences – general and specific communities/audiences
  • Outlet name – Channel 9, The Age, The Courier Mail etc
  • Primary and Secondary Focus – environment, politics, news, religion, entertainment, finance, mining, lifestyle etc.

There will be international publications included in some specialist fields such as finance, but most contacts/outlets will be Australian. Contacts will include a notes section and easy instructions to search contacts will be provided.

How does my group get involved I hear you ask? Simple. Send us the most recent version of your media contact list and, when finished, we will send you an infinitely better one that will be easy to update and search.

We’d love information from anyone re existing lists, tools, previous attempts, technical ideas etc. Also, anyone who has access to a paid list we can use. We want this to be a thorough and extremely useful resource for groups involved.

Looking forward to getting your list/input and working with you to make this an invaluable resource for your group. Cheers.

Kind Regards

Ben Pennings
Generation Alpha

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