Deadly Response to Noel Pearson

“I have never claimed to speak on behalf of anyone but myself,” Mr Pearson responded to one of the attendees.

But Kamilaray man Paul Spearim replied:

“You do every time you open your mouth – you speak [that] you are chosen to speak on behalf of black people. You have got no right to do that – stand there like a big strong black man – you’re not a strong black man, no way in the world.”

Local Indigenous leader Sam Watson invited Mr Pearson to discuss his opinions with elders today.

“The equation seems to be very lopsided as a great number of your views are, so the onus always appears to be placed on Aboriginal people and as a member of the Aboriginal tent embassy we would invite you to join us up there on the lawns of Musgrave Park and have a robust discussion as Aboriginal people,” Mr Watson said.

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