People’s Common Rights: ‘banned’ by State Parliament!

On September the 3rd 2014, Lock the Gate Alliance wrote a new bill calling for an act to restore common rights of people in Queensland impacted by coal seam gas and other fossil fuel mining.

The bill, called the People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014, states it is..

“An Act to restore certain Common Rights to the people of Queensland, to Rebuild Public Trust in the Regulation and Control of Mining Interests, and to provide for Good Health, Fair Livelihoods and the Quiet Enjoyment of Nature’s and Society’s Goods.”

There are six basic rights outlined in the bill.

1. The right to say “No”
2. The right to our livelihoods and good health
3.The right to our commonwealth, the land, water, and clean air
4.The right to object and have your objections heard
5.The right to clean politics
6. The right to be represented in parliament

Lock the Gate Alliance
Come along to our serious fun night to debate the Queensland “People’s Bill” – recently banned from the hallowed halls of State Parliament. Decide for yourself whether the event “is inconsistent with the dignity of the Parliament” – as described by the Speaker, the Honourable Fiona Simpson (LNP) MP.
We’ve invited some of your “favourite” politicians to debate whether we need to bring back fairness to Queensland’s political system.Some might argue that mining giants and multi-national corporations have so much influence over our government that families and communities are no longer getting a fair go; that food, water, air quality and communities are at risk from unsafe and inappropriate coal and gas mining; that we need democracy for all, not just the rich and powerful. Others may disagree…..

WHEN: October 28, 2014 at 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: South Brisbane Sailing Club Google map and directions

WHAT: Second reading debate of the People’s Common Rights & Provisions Bill 2014 (The People’s Bill)

WHO: You, the people and appearances by some of Queensland’s “favourite” politicians

INCLUDES: Light supper presented by the Three Bowls Cafe with vege and gluten free options available

Beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase on the night.

Cost $25 pp and numbers are strictly limited. To RSVP and purchase tickets visit

We hope to see you there.

Lock the Gate Queensland

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