Brisbane Developers, Public Assembly, Political Parties, Corruption and Parks

Silly me, more tunnels
 Than child swings
 Big trucks go-between bridges
 Grind down bicycle riders
 Moving goods, jobs and property
 Rates pay for parks
 Plovers sound their complaint
 At sundown
                ian curr

(Interview with Nicole Johnston, BCC Councillor for Tennyson, about the new Park Laws.)

PShift: Please introduce yourself

Q 1 The BCC has proposed new local laws that require people to book public parks for group events, why is that?

Q2 Council officers, including the BCC Rapid Response team, issue people with infringement notices for parking violations, littering and burning rubbish … if members of a group don’t have permission to use a park, will council officers be able to issue similar on-the-spot-fines? For how much?

Q3 How will these officers know if people are part of a group (in the park)?

Q4 Is council trying to make money out of the new Park permit system?

Q5 Why is council following a user pays model when people have already paid for parks through their rates?

Q6 Are there sufficient green spaces, parks and gardens in Brisbane as the city population grows and becomes more concentrated?

Q7 In the ward of Tennyson, council has permitted a rogue developers put high density apartments in medium density residential areas (in Waverley, Taunton and Frederick Streets, Annerley); these (developments) will place more pressure on infrastructure like roads, stormwater, sewerage, parks and gardens; why are developers allowed to do that?

Q8 In NSW it is unlawful for political parties to accept donations from developers, why are the LNP and Labor Party allowed to do that in Qld? In NSW the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has discovered developers giving money to Liberal Party front organisations (intermediary companies); because this is illegal in NSW, high profile Liberals have been forced to resign from their office. Does the Liberal Party in Brisbane receive donations through front organisations?

Q9 I rang the Lord Mayor’s office on Friday (12 Sept 2014) seeking comment about the new park permit system and was told no one was available to respond. I left my phone number but did not receive a call back. Doesn’t community radio (4ZZZ) count in the minds of the Lord Mayor and his media advisers?

Q10 In the 1970s and 1980s the Liberal National Party government in Qld banned public assembly and at the same time received donations from developers in brown paper bags, are these laws being used to quash dissent from ordinary people about corruption in this state?

Q11 The last time I attended the council chambers I noticed that Nicole Johnston had been banished to outer Mongolia, are we being taken back to the Joh days where dissent is ignored?

Q12 What is the best way for people to get their objection to the new parks laws heard and how can this bad legislation be stopped?

Ian Curr
September 2014

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