Petition against attack on pro-Palestine activists


I am asking for 30 seconds of your time to sign this petition opposing an attack on pro-Palestine activists at Monash University in Melbourne.

The Socialist Alternative club at Monash University has been deregistered after fabricated complaints by a pro-Israeli political group. If this decision stands, it will strengthen the confidence of pro-Israeli groups to intimidate pro-Palestine activists.

We are asking for your support to have this unfair and politically-motivated decision reversed.


3 thoughts on “Petition against attack on pro-Palestine activists

  1. Note it’s a Jewish reporter, reporting on another jewish victim of anti semitism. It’s all a distraction by zionists who can’t find a”final solution”for the Palestinians!

  2. Moderation or censorship?

    1. hello trevor (and readers take note),

      no, it’s moderation … wbt was hit by 600,000 items of spam in August 2014 alone … it takes that long for me to get through to the real comments.

      It used to be zionists that spammed wbt; now it is drug companies, IT businesses and porn sites … all pretty much the same crew, methinks.

      Editor WBT

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