Kuranda and the Federal Election

Over the course of this last year, Kuranda district residents have been the victims of a vicious political deal by the Liberal National Party (LNP) State Government led by Campbell Newman.

The LNP‘s ungainly fix brushed aside our interests and rode roughshod over our clearly expressed will at the ballot box.

Say NO to Wall-to_wall LNP GovernmentsWith blunt inflexibility, the LNP has forced us us into new local government arrangements that will almost certainly provide reduced services for much higher rates – and putting rampant development back on the agenda in a way most people around here don’t want.

After this issue came to the fore back in March, our Federal LNP MP Warren Entsch wrote to the Cairns Post with a suggestion.

If Kuranda doesn’t want to stay in Mareeba Shire, wrote Warren, why not apply to join Cairns Regional Council in a few years time?

By then, Kuranda residents would have already endured two changes in ten years – each taking several years to complete – as our Tablelands Council was first built, then broken up again.

Never mind the extra rates impost, the lower services, the unnecessary and divisive development battles – Warren’s solution for Kuranda folk is to wait – and see if we feel like a THIRD convulsion in a few years time.

The Government that’s foisted this injustice on Kuranda is an LNP State Government.

Warren Entsch is running for re-election at Federal level, as LNP candidate.

This is the same party, run by the same maniacs. Read more @ http://kurandasaysno.info/voice/kuranda-and-the-federal-election

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