3 thoughts on “31st Anniversary of Commonwealth Games Protests

  1. [youtube=http://youtu.be/CMAjNv-wSG0]
    Contents of video
    Sacred fire ceremony
    Rally at Roma Street Forum
    Speech by Paul Spearim about Blackfellas Struggles & how police bashed him up & tried to push him in the river
    Harassment of children by police
    Young Aboriginal woman tells of being beaten by police
    Aunty Karen tells police to leave children alone
    Close with respects to traditional owners

  2. This perfomance was a highlight of the Sovereignty Concert at Musgrave Park of the 31st Anniversary of the Commonwealth Games Protests.
    Thnx to all the performers:
    Rod, Andrew Paine, Marley, the Bim Bimbis (Trevor and Graeme) supporting Ian, Phil, Teila, to the MC, Boe Knows, and to the people on sound Marley & Phil, and a special thnx to Teila who performed on the same ground where her Dad (Ross Watson) awakened the spirit in all of us so many years ago, at the 1982 Commonwealth Games tent city in Musgrave Park. Too strong, too black. All are welcome to perform at the Fundraiser mentioned below.

    People are welcome to participate and help organise this event and other fundraising activities like it.

    Thnx to Harpist Bart for performing on the closing day after the Sovereignty talks on G20.

    Thnx to Tony Mockeridge (Three Miles from Texas), Phil Monsour and Jumping Fences for the sound and lights.

    There will be a fundraiser at Kurilpa Hall in November (date to be announced) to pay Wayne (Coco) Wharton’s fine for his defending the Sacred Fire and to contribute towards the Tent Embassy food program.

    Contacts: Boe Spearim 0424610492 and Eliza 0421472465

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