First meeting to plan coordinated action at G20

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Meeting to plan coordinated action at G20 (in November 2014)

6pm Thurs 18 July 2013
TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane

As many of you know, in 2014 Brisbane will host the G20 Leaders’ Summit at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Southbank.

The G20 brings together the leaders of some of the world’s largest economies and representatives of global financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organisation. It is one international forum among many at which only one item is truly on the agenda: the worldwide implementation of brutal neoliberalism. It is a forum where the government agents of the corporations and their institutions seek to tighten their grip on the lives of billions of people and hasten the destruction of the planet’s ecological systems. Discussions at the G20 impact everyone on earth, and yet they happen behind closed doors amongst a tiny, powerful elite.

As neoliberalism concentrates global wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, austerity is served to the rest of us. Meanwhile, the race to burn the planet’s reserves of fossil fuels has already pushed it onto a path of catastrophic runaway climate change, the impacts of which are being felt first and most violently by the most destitute victims of neoliberal policy.
Against this unprecedented assault, millions are rising. They are demanding democracy, justice, peace, equality and the downfall of governments who will not deliver these things. Seemingly small sparks are igniting simmering tensions resulting in unprecedented popular protest.

In Australia, austerity is beginning to bite, and with the likelihood of a Liberal-National federal government on the horizon, the threat of a large-scale handover of our public wealth to private corporations looms large.

Let’s get organised
This letter is an invitation to attend an inaugural meeting to form an alliance of groups and individuals acting to stage coordinated protest action against the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit, November 15-16, Brisbane.

Some of you will already have begun discussing your own plans, for others it might seem a little too soon, however given that talk has begun within a number of disparate groups, now is a perfect time to come together in the spirit of openness and collaboration to coordinate the strongest possible people’s response to G20.

There is no blueprint for what this response will look like and all input is welcome. Implicit in this callout however is the intent that the inaugural meeting will be the first of many, that meetings will be conducted democratically, that the reason for the meeting is to make decisions for action, and that participants will treat each other with respect.

We hope you can send at least one member of your organisation along. If you are not representing an organisation, please come as yourself!

THURSDAY JULY 18, 6PM – Level 2, TLC Building (QLD Council of Unions), 16 Peel St, South Brisbane
For more information contact Liam 0432 619 844; Margaret 0439 411 330; Ewan 0401 234 610
Brisbane Activist Centre,
74b Wickham St, Fortitude Valley
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  1. 'Invitation to G20 discussion forum' says:

    The G20 Brisbane summit is happening on 15–16 November next year. Such events have provided opportunities for campaign groups and networks to draw attention to a range of matters.

    Traditionally this has included issues such as employment, workers’ rights, environmental harm, poverty, militarism, gender based violence and attacks upon civil liberties.

    I am writing to invite you, or a representative of your organisation, to join Friends of the Earth and other concerned organisations in a discussion forum on a community-based response to the G20 Brisbane summit.

    The all day meeting will be held on Saturday 16 November 2013 at Justice Place, 84 Park Road, Woolloongabba.

    The tentative program is:

    9:30am Morning tea

    10am Introductions: Who you are. Why are you here?

    10:30-11:30 Responding to the G20 –Brief talks such as: “Civil society & G20” Reflections on past protests” “2014 Brief legal brief” plus one more…

    11:30- 1pm G20 2014 –Visions and Proposals – what you/your group is working on

    –what you want to see

    1pm – 1:45 lunch

    1:45 – 2:30 Collectivity, Collaborations & Connections – Working together /working alongside/session

    2:30-3:15 Working groups/small group discussion (if applicable!) and report back

    3:15-3:30 something inspirational and fun to wrap up the day.

    Some groups and informal networks have already started organising for the event. The Brisbane Sovereign Embassy has, for example, announced its intention to use G20 to draw attention to issues such as land rights and other indigenous issues.

    This is an opportunity to help get the ball rolling. It is also an opportunity to be involved in face to face discussions with others about possible priorities and events, networking and engaging with the community, and how to minimise of the potential for police violence.

    One possible event that may be discussed is the proposal to convene a social forum which would focus on the discussion of ideas. Another matter that may be addressed is discussion on how collaboration can be maximised so as to facilitate maximum participation at different events.

    Onsite parking is available from the Abingdon Rd entrance. Refreshments and lunch will be provided (donations appreciated). A child-friendly play space will be created.

    Please feel free to phone if you would like further detail.

    Yours sincerely
    Robin Taubenfeld
    0411 118 737

    Friends of the Earth Brisbane – Peace, Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy (PACE) Collective

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