May Day Forum: What’s Working? Organising collectively for lives of dignity and justice.

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The May Day Group is hoping to contribute to the celebration of May Day by organising two events.

A Foco Nuevo gig on Friday 3rd May and a forum on Saturday the 4th.

We hope the forum will provide an opportunity for workers to gather and discuss the conditions of work in the modern work-place, the impacts it has on our lives and also our struggles for a society based on dignity and justice.

We will be discussing how work has changed, what our experiences of work are like in the different industries we work in, how business and government are making these conditions worse, how people are trying to organise together to improve them and how these struggles may fit into bigger attempts to build a different and better kind of society.

It’s an open forum.

We will have invited some speakers from a range of workplaces to kick off the discussion. All are welcome, we’d love to see you there.

174 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane.

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