International Women’s Day 2013

International Women’s Day 2013 was originally International Working Womens Day. It was started with a socialist purpose and became in some places an expression of men’s love for women like Mothers Day and Valentine’s day. It is an opportunity to celebrate women’s economic, social and political achievements as well as raise our voices to keep fighting for full equality.

  • While women and their allies have won many victories, we need to continue to fight today, for the right to control our own bodies, for equal pay, against cuts to jobs and services that impact most harshly on women, and for an end to violence (and a culture of violence) against us.

    In 2011, the ‘Slutwalk’ movement took off around the world, with thousands saying loud and clear that perpetrators, not women’s skirts, are the cause of sexual violence.

    In 2012, from Sydney Road in Melbourne to the streets of India, hundreds of thousands rallied to demand an end to violence against women.

    Over the past several years, unions have made real gains for women in areas like equal pay for community sector workers and paid maternity leave.

    All these things need to be shared and celebrated.

    But for every step forward women make, conservative forces still try to push back, and we must now fight harder than ever to defend health and social services, financial support for single parents and stop racist discrimination against Aboriginal and refugee women.

    This year, show Queenslanders that we won’t go back to the dark ages either in services or attitudes. The theme of the rally and march is ‘our bodies, our lives’ and all gender identities are welcome.

    Meet at Brisbane Square with a march to West End.


    Senator Claire Moore

    Beth Mohle
    State Secretary of the Queensland Nurses Union

    Rachel Jacobs, Queensland Greens

    Laurell Sands, Respect Inc

    More Speakers TBA.


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