Fight for Sovereign Rights: Commemoration of 1982 Commonwealth Games protests

Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of 1982 Commonwealth Games protests: October 5-7, 2012 – Musgrave Park.

Program of events
The weekend of October 5-7 will be packed with activities to pay tribute to the important protests that took place thirty years ago, which marked a turning point in the struggle for the recognition of Aboriginal rights in Queensland and across the country.

At the time of the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Queensland was the last state to have an “Aborigines Act” and the mass protests of Aboriginal people and their supporters were crucial in raising the pressure to have the act repealed. Those protests saw hundreds of people arrested, as they took to the streets in the face of repression from the Bjelke-Peterson Government – who had declared a State of Emergency and proclaimed street marches illegal.

During the week of protests, there were over ten thousand people  who camped out in Musgrave Park – which provided both a base for the protests and a place to gather, meet and share. The commemoration of this important milestone will both honour the veterans of the struggle and those that were part of the 1982 protests and also provide a chance to once again gather, meet and share.

[Editor’s Note: See film footage (below) of the campsite and the people who occupied Musgrave Park during the week of the Commonwealth Games]

There will be a camp established in Musgrave Park from October 5 -7 and all supporters are invited to pitch a tent for the weekend or just one night.

There will also be three days full of activities to join in:

Friday October 5

Ø 12 noon: Rally at Roma St Forum for a march to Musgrave Park.

Ø 4:30pm: Opening ceremony, dinner to honour the veterans of our struggle followed by a feature screening of a documentary that was made about the 1982 demonstrations.

 Saturday October 6

Ø 10am: Forums and Embassy Idol

Ø 2pm-late: The Rainbow Republic Concert

Sunday October 7

Ø 10am: Combined Church service

Ø 12 noon: Forum to discuss the future of the Sovereignty movement.

For more information about these activities or to volunteer:

Phone 0408 064 900 (Wayne Wharton), 0438 781 121 (Natalie Lewis), 0431 525 924 (Boe Spearim)

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