May Day in Canberra

Exercise Our Right to Strike

Organise to block WorkChoices and rewrite the FairWork Act

Under current industrial laws these activities are illegal.

Coral battleground — 1970 The renewed threats to the Barrier Reef urges us to recall how Queensland unionists stopped oil drilling. Such actions are now illegal under Fair Work Australia.

Fraser Island — 1975 Building unions stopped mining on the world’s largest sand island. These actions preserved our pleasure of nature for future generations.

These union victories would not be possible today.

Exercising our rights is currently illegal.

WorkChoices, and now the Fair Work Act, disable the working majority. We are forced to carry out ‘illegal’ acts if we collectively organise to ensure safe and civil workplaces and communities. Governments protect corporations here and globally.

Women, youth and ‘precariously employed’ casual workers

Women are 50% of the workforce; many suffer a lifetime as casuals. Unions are leading the continuing struggle for Equal Pay for Women. Many workers are forced to accept short casual shifts by the likes of Australia Post. Telstra offshores its call centres. Young workers are particularly vulnerable and often work cash–‐in–‐hand thereby lose sick pay and holidays, super and compo. Conditions like these keep worker’s voices silent, and silence is dangerous.

Prescription drugs handed over to Big Pharma

Our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will be lost if the Federal Government sells us out to US corporates under the Pacific Trade Agreement

The Fair Work Act is designed to frustrate our struggles to make right these injustices.

Unionists who make a stand are forced to pay millions of dollars in fines annually for exercising our voice. The right to strike turns words into effective action.

The N.T. Intervention has failed on health, housing, and education.

Funding of public health, housing and education will be further diminished for all of us if we do not organise and educate each other so to protect what should belong to us all.

The capitalist economic system is exploitative: destroying livelihoods, lives and the environment.

May Day Good Grace for all we need

We owe our wellbeing to the creativity of the working people, to a social continuum of human creativity around the globe. We should have the grace to thank them. To thank farmers and fruit–‐pickers; thank the factory hands who build tractors and trucks; thank the navvies who laid the expressways and rail tracks; the building workers who construct the warehouses; the packers and delivery drivers; the clerks in offices and shelf stackers in supermarkets. To them, and many more, we owe the food we put on our tables three times a day.

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