Palm Sunday Rally- Keep Australia Nuclear-Free & Independent

BRISBANE! Unite! Now is the time to get back out on the streets together!!! Palm Sunday Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament – this Sunday! With the new LNP gov’t there is no better time to organise and say NO to uranium mining in Qld, NO to US troops based in this country, YES to a Nuclear-Free and Independent Australia!

Palm Sunday Peace Rally


Sunday, April 1, 2012

From 1pm – 3pm

Rally at Reddacliff Place (Brisbane Square – George Street, top of Queen Street Mall) followed by a march through the city.


Michael Henry, Just Peace
GDAMS – Global Day of Action Against Military Spending- focus on Australian ‘defence’ expenditure

Senator Claire Moore, ALP
Keen and active supporter of Peace, Anti-Uranium, and Anti-Nuclear movements since 1970s

Rally for peace and nuclear disarmament 2012

Dr Margaret Beavis, Vice President Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW)
“The Fukushima nuclear disaster was the combined result of poor government regulation and the company, TEPCO, focusing on profit above the safety of the people.”

June Norman, Peace and Environment campaigner -‘ FootPrints for Peace’ supporters walked 1400km to Canberra to promote a Peaceable, Sustainable, and Nuclear-Free Future.

Music by:
the Combined Unions Choir
Murray Gay and friends

Chairperson: Robin Taubenfeld, Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance

Organised by: Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Inc.

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  1. Brisbane City Council moves to restrict Democratic Rights says:

    City Malls Management have banned the use of amplification at the Palm Sunday Peace Rally this year. The ban is unprecedented in the 35 year history of the Palm Sunday rallies.

    A Labor Councillor has expressed concern that the “restrictions are new and aimed to reduce public assembly just like in Joh Bjelke-Petersen times.” The ban if implemented would mean that many participants would simply be unable to hear the speakers.

    The speakers include an ETU organiser who will talk about the campaign against the State Government’s proposed privatisations and public sector cutbacks, a peace activist, anti-uranium campaigner and human rights activist.

    Rally organisers are determined that the Council restrictions will not stop the rally from proceeding. The rally will commence at 1pm Sunday 24 March at Reddacliff Place, in the City.

    Uranium Mining

    The ban on amplification at the rally comes on the eve of the State Government Implementation Committee’s report on uranium mining. Rally speakers will talk about Premier Newman’s decision to recommence uranium mining in Queensland. The curtailment of democratic rights and the nuclear industry go hand in hand. It was the National Party’s support for the uranium industry that led to Bjelke-Petersen’s ban on street marches in 1977.

    High Court Decision

    On 27 February this year the High Court held that City Council by-laws that prohibit persons from haranguing or distributing printed matter on any road to any by-stander or passer-by without permission do not infringe the implied constitutional freedom of communication (freedom of speech). This decision represents a significant curtailment of freedom of speech in Australia.

    The City Malls Management are relying upon by-laws, similar to those in question in the High Court judgment, in their attempt to ban the use of amplification on Palm Sunday.

    Defence of Civil Liberties

    The ban on amplification has a significance well beyond one particular peace rally. If City Malls Management get away with it this time, the City Council and State Government will attempt to restrict civil liberties at future rallies. If they can rely upon by-laws to enforce a ban on amplification, the protections offered by the Peaceful Assembly Act will be undermined.

    In the current political climate there is no room for complacency. There is a need to stand up to any attempted restrictions on civil liberties in Brisbane.

    For more information about the rally contact Joan at For more details about the Council restrictions contact Greg at

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