Public lecture “Why Berlusconi?” by David Moss; Friday 29 July

Invitation to public lecture

The School of Languages and Linguistics is very pleased to welcome Professor David Moss back to Griffith University, for a public lecture entitled “Why Berlusconi?”

Friday 29 July, 3.30-4.30pm
room 0.09, Languages Building (N56)
Nathan Campus
Griffith University

Please stay for refreshments afterwards

RSVP Ms Val Beckett, 3735 6754 or v.beckett

David Moss was Professor of European Studies / Italian Studies and Dean of Arts at Griffith before moving to the University of Milan in 2003 as Professor of Cultural Anthropology. He was the inaugural Chair of the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies. He has written on many aspects of Italian society and politics, including banditry and pastoralism in Sardinia, the historical development of patronage, political violence and responses to HIV/AIDS. He is currently completing an introduction to anthropology which includes substantial material on contemporary Italy.

‘Why Berlusconi?’

A Prime Minister without a strong political party, a media mogul with huge business interests in every sector of the Italian economy, indifferent to the permanent conflict of interest between his political position and his economic power, suspected of having made his initial fortune with mafia help, repeatedly charged with serious crimes (from fraud to perversion of justice to prostitution of a minor), fabricator of laws ad personam to escape conviction, prone to every kind of tasteless behaviour in public and in private, lacking any sense of the public good or of his country’s international reputation – yet the dominant figure in Italian politics for almost 20 years. How has this happened?

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