Details Arab film festival in Brisbane 30 and 31 of July

The Arab film festival makes it to brisbane for the dates below and the last session on sunday focuses on Palestine. Info about the films are available from the links below.

I also have a boxes of post cards if anyone is interested in helping distribute them.


Saturday 30 July7 pm The Cry of an Ant + The Rodba
Sunday 31 July4 pm Stray Bullet + A Tuesday + Mary
7pm This is My Picture when I was Dead +Into the Belly of the Whale + Gaza Shield Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 5:18 PM
This is My Picture When I was Dead

Director: Mahmoud al Massad
Country: Palestine, Netherlands
Year: 2010
Duration: 75 min

Athens, 1983 – the press reports that four-year-old Bashir has been killed during the assassination of his father, a top PLO lieutenant. A tragedy, yet what if Bashir’s death was not the end of his journey? Today, he would be 29 years old. He would have to dig through his past to find out what kind of life he would have lived, only to witness the dream of a Palestinian state his father died for turning to dust. In this experimental, highly original and occasionally surreal film, Mahmoud al Massad combines archival footage and photos with dramatic re-creations to delve into the history of the PLO. His work redefines what a documentary can be, with fascinating results.

BRISBANE Sunday 31 July 7pm Dendy Portside


Into the Belly of the Whale

Director: Hazim Bitar
Country: Palestine, Jordan
Year: 2010
Duration: 25 min

Younis is making his last run to bring in goods via the warren of tunnels 100 feet under the border zone between Israel, Gaza and Egypt. The tunnels evade Israel border controls but they are highly dangerous – threatening collapse and suffocation at any moment. After an Israeli attack, Younis is trapped in the middle of the ‘whale’ tunnel. While stuck underground, he ponders existential questions about his fate in a film which uses the potent symbolism of the story of Jonah and Whale to examine the plight of Palestinians trapped within the belly of a hostile world.

BRISBANE Sunday 31 July 7pm Dendy Portside


Gaza Shield

Director: Tania Khalaf
Country: Lebanon, USA
Year: 2011
Duration: 17 min

World Premiere

Gaza Shield follows three unconventional Lebanese artists as they seek to protest the injustices of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by developing a conscientious online video game.

BRISBANE Sunday 31 July 7pm Dendy Portside

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