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Port Adelaide Workers Memorial

(Speech by Humphrey McQueen (Order of Lenin), May Day, 2011)

One does good, neither from fear of punishment nor promise of reward, but because good is good to do. They were the sentiments of the nineteenth-century American Rationalist, Colonel Robert Ingersoll, whose writings would have been popular with some the people whose names went on to the Workers’ memorial. We can be certain that all of them had lived according to that point of view. None of them behaved as they did with any thought that they might be honoured in any way other than the respect of their friends, neighbours and workmates. Continue reading


New Australia: Wed May 4th Meeting of 17 Group

The May meeting of the 17 Group will be on Wednesday the 4th of May at 7pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End. As you probably know, after the failure of the great strikes of the early … Continue reading