Is there such a thing as a clean fossil fuel?

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A recent article I read suggests that Coal Seam Gas is no better than coal in terms of CO2 emissions because of the leakage of methane that will inevitably occur from drilling and processes of CSG. This was something that I have said for many years. This is because methane is such as strong GHG, even though it is relatively shorted lived in the atmosphere.

As well, 20% of the energy content is consumed in processing and liquifying the gas. This is about 2x more than for past natural gas extraction from gas/oil fields.

Furthermore, if we use CNG in internal combustions engines, it produces ultrafine particulates that get deep into the lungs and are cancerous. Exhausts look clean but the unseen reality may be very different.

Finally there are all the issues confronting the farmers on the Darling Downs re loss of productive food land, aquifer impacts etc.

So is there such a thing as a ‘clean’ fossil fuel – I doubt it! But that won’t stop the ‘fossil fools’ industry from convincing our politicans otherwise.


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Sources: GHGemissions from CSG_Cornell Uni Study.pdf

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