Talisman Sabre 2011 – let’s get organised!

Talisman Sabre 2011 Exercises

Coming to you – July 2011

Protest the Exercises

Protest the Australian Involvement in OZ/US Wars of Aggression

Coordinated protests will be held in the Rockhampton region and throughout Australia in July 2011

From July 18 – July 29, 2011 Australia will host some of the world’s largest military exercises – Talisman Sabre 2011. Involving up to 30,000 U.S. and Australian personnel, Talisman Sabre will take place in Central Queensland at Rockhampton and Shoalwater Bay, in the Coral, Arafura and Timor Seas, along the Queensland Coast, in the NT. The U.S. and Australian military will also use support facilities, including civilian facilities such as airports and ports in Brisbane, northern Queensland, NSW and NT.

Join us in opposing these war games!

Come to Rocky or organise an action in your own region!

The exercises will be in three phases, including preparation and maneuvering, simulated warfare and live firing. According to the Public Environment Report the exercise itself will begin on the 18th July 2011 and continue for 2 weeks. Maneuvering and live firing elements associated with TS11 will be conducted over a two week period from 18 (MON)-29 July (FRI) 2011, including a period for the consolidation and preparation of troops prior to more intensive periods of training. [Environment Report]

Three Phases of Action

1. Actions during the lead up time are also strategically effective for interrupting and hindering the exercises. It is in this period that equipment and personnel are moved through Australia, through the centre of Rockhampton, through the airports, up the Bruce Highway to the exercise area.

2. A weekend of focussed, collective protest actions are proposed to be held during the actual exercises: 15-19th July 2011 (anywhere in Australia or even overseas!)

3. Further smaller group actions may be conducted associated with the period in which there is live fire and the landing of troops with simulated invasion.

Visit www.peaceconvergence.com to check out

– the guiding philosophy of the actions

– the goals and objectives of the direct action campaign

– a campaign timeline

– a campaign map with ideas for strategic targets throughout Australia

– some background issues

– the organising structure

Join our e list to get updates or to help with organising! Organising meetings are held periodically via phone hook up/skype in the lead up.

Find out how to get involved here:

To register your interest or find out more contact us on: 0411 118 7 37

or email us at: peaceconvergence@yahoo.com.au

stop the exercises – close the bases – end the wars


9 thoughts on “Talisman Sabre 2011 – let’s get organised!

  1. army wife says:

    look you tree hugging, pot smoking hippies!! how about you doing something worthy with your miserable little lives, like protest about the pay rise politicians get and leave the soldiers alone to do what they are trained for, to protect our country and make sure it’s safe for all that live within its boarders. and if that means they have to practice and make sure they have the best tactics and share knowledge with the USA well so be it. Our boys do not deserve to made to feel like shit because they are doing their job, they have no power over where they are told to go. so if you want to protest sit outside the defense ministers house and bitch to him!!!!!

  2. Dear ”Army Wife” (if that is who you really are),

    How is it that two part-time reserve soldiers killed 6 innocent civilians including 5 children in a small afghan hut in Oruzgan Province in 2009?

    How are such murders, as you claim, ”defending our borders”? Whose borders do you speak of? We are workers, we have no country. The borders were erected by the imperialists, the wealthy capitalists, the war mongers who exploit us.

    And even if we are deluded into thinking our country cares for us, what do we do? Surely every citizen has the responsibility to consider the consequences of their actions and the actions of their country?

    How did those two part-time army reservists get into a position when they had the power of life and death over such innocents?

    It is ”army wives” that should be outside the minister’s office asking questions.

    Otherwise, like former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, you will be old and grey before you find out that Australia, by following the US into wars like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, were wrong on every level – human, military, politically, economic and moral.

    Ian Curr
    May 2011

    Reference: Malcolm Fraser admits in his recently published Political Memoirs that the war in Vietnam was wrong. Fraser was Minister for the Army during the Vietnam war and incredibly claims that he did not know the the US Kennedy administration was involved in the 1963 assassination of South Vietnam’s President General Diem. This assassination was used as an excuse by the americans to escalate the war. Fraser only found out, he claims, on reading the memoirs of former US Secretary of State in the Kennedy administration,Robert McNamara, in 1994.

    Ode to lives lost at Mirabad

    They lost their lives at Mirabad last night
    Sapper died, despite first aid, unable to be saved
    Gunshot wounds killed Jamie Ronald Larcombe
    Air Vice Marshall Houston sighed
    Only 21 years old and his interpreter
    Buried according to local custom

    US fuelled ideas on Economy and State
    Some succeed, others fail
    Australia, a one party state
    With Labor and Liberal both the same
    To poor people whose only hope is revolt
    So sad for Sapper Larcombe and his Afghan mate
    For in Mirabad lies our fate — ”Ode to lives lost at Mirabad

  3. How does protesting against training = protesting against wars of aggression?

  4. I am with you army wife – I am a navy mum and am very proud of my daughter and all the military – get out and get a real job and make a difference. I am sick of my taxes paying for you.

  5. Who better to let look after nature reserves then the department of defence. As probably the biggest land owner in Australia, atleast the defence force conducts environmental impact studies and is prepared to and does spend money on looking after these natural environments. Kick defence out and all that will happen is that either the land will be sold to develooers or no one will invest the time or money to provide longevity.
    Defence wants to keep using the land so there for looks after it.

  6. Food Not Bombs is holding a Kitchen against Operation Talisman Sabre. The kitchen will be on at 1pm, 16th July at Brisbane Square.

    Everyone is welcome some come along for a good feed.

    Also Food Not Bombs has a number of banners. If you are able to help do banner drops then get in contact at bsmn at riseup.net

    Our flyer is available for download at

    For more info look at http://www.peaceconvergence.com/

  7. Mr X, at Shoalwater Bay army engineers deliberately drained Freshwater Swamp into the ocean; large areas of mangroves have been destroyed with phosphorous bombs and fuel spills; dead dugongs and turtles have been found after the games; a shipping channel was blasts through the coral reefs; the USA navy dumps all it’s general waste directly into the ocean; and the live bombings have destroyed large areas of forest.

    The ecology of Shoalwater Bay would be much better protected if it was a National Park, and not a military training area. That is just a fact.

  8. Army Wife #2 says:

    Hey idiots stop protesting and get a job! Our soldiers need to train to protect you and your right to protest. So how about showing some respect for those who do an incredibly tough job and make huge sacrifices for their country. Maybe you could channel your misguided energy into getting a life?

  9. Army brat says:

    Hay to all you protesters, what have you done to make the world a better place?
    I hear all this anti-defence BS but I fail to see how this has made the world a better place, you think holding up your little signs will all of a sudden bring about world peace, end hunger and poverty?
    You say you are defenders of peace and freedom but all you do is cry at the top of your lungs at the people who go forward to fight for peace and freedom so here is an idea for you ok, instead of getting in the way of everyone else with your pointless rallies maybe you should join the peace-core or the U.N and give your time into helping the poorer countries of this world! You people are the worst, you do nothing and let the world burn, looking out from the sideline, from your TV but the second a soldier from your own country does something you all of a sudden jump up of your fat asses and act as if you give a fuck, phht you wouldn’t even know half the name or the problems the countries we are in are facing.
    To tell the truth you are just a punch of cowards that feel too high and might to give a good god dam about anyone but yourselves.

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